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So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17
Under Contruction - July 2016
Did Jesus Say - October 2016
Victory over Temptation  - November 2016
Names of God  - September 2016
Sermon Series 2017 - Click the picture or the link is the description to go to the series.
Do we live as if God is dead or do we live as if He is alive?  If so, what does that mean? Click Here or click the Picture to enjoy this series.
January Series
February Series
Marriage God's Way
There are hundreds of different marriage books on the market, but which one is right?  Are we looking at trying to improve our marriage? Why not try and do it God’s way.  Since God is the one who made marriage, He is the one who gives us the best instructions on how to have a happy healthy one.  Join us this month as we look at Marriage God’s Way.
What is faith and how is it expressed in our daily life?  Is faith just something that we say we have or does it have an impact on everything we do? This month we will look at some heroes of the faith and see how they lived, what impact their faith in God had and answer the question what does Audacious Faith look like in our lives today.
April Series
April Series
May Series
Summer of John - John records the story of Jesus and writes so that we can understand and make a decision on who Jesus is. Join us this summer as we look at the book of John and see how Jesus interacted with people so we may we face the question of who He is.
This month we will look at how Jesus interacted with people and see how we can interact with other in order to proclaim the good news of Jesus. #Evangelism
One of the calls on the life of a follower of Jesus is a call to be holy.  We are called to living a holy life but what exactly is it? Why should we be holy and what does it look like?  Join us this month as we ask these questions and seek to answer them from the Scriptures and learn to Walk Worthy.
This month why not join us as we look at three events in the ministry if Jesus and see how far God went to forgive and have a relationship with us.
The greatest gift we have ever been given started at Christmas.  Have we received the gift of Jesus and all that is with it?
Gifts of Christmas